The first of many..

Hello avid readers, and fellow bloggers!… So, why the guinea pig generation? Ever since I was a child, growing up and going to school, my year was always the first to experience the experiments some institution would come up with and their idea on how things ought to be done and the next thing you know we were the guinea pigs of the idea. Innovation requires a certain play between trial and error, being the only way to realistically conclude whether the concept successfully does what it was created to do. The biggest issue with such trial and error guinea pig testing is that you go into the experiment knowing that there is a certain likelihood of the project resulting in error — there is a chance that the entire project does more damage than is acceptable. Technology advanced when it did and we were the generation that grew up learning and utilizing all the latest technologies. We are yet to see how they will effect us in the long run.

I am a first year student at the University of Wollongong currently undertaking the long and strenuous but (hopefully) rewarding 4 and a half year journey of a double degree in International Studies and Communication and Media. I’ve decided to major in marketing and advertising and learn the beautiful language of Spanish and hopefully become fluent and learn enough to study overseas in the next year or two. I’m passionate about history, politics, international affairs, and have a BIG dream of one day working for the United Nations. Blogging is unfamiliar territory for me, as much as I may love to browse some of my personal favourites, this is the first time sharing my opinions, insights and knowledge in the form of a blog.


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