What does media research have to do with Angry Birds?

Humans are constantly asking questions and the only way to find answers is through research. We unknowingly and knowingly do research every day. When buying a new product, we gather information from different sources in order to get the best deal, when we are engaging with other people we ask questions to research topics we are interested in. However this is very different from scholarly research which is based on factual information concerned with being correct and coming to conclusions from both quantitative and qualitative research. Media research is based on anything to do with the media, what the media produces, its problems, its successes. When I started my final year of high school, the incoming year 7’s were the first year to receive iPads to assist them in their school work. We were all very jealous and complained as to why we weren’t the chosen year to receive these tablets awaiting the downloading of flappy bird, fruit ninja and angry birds. On the bus ride home however I started to notice that these iPads were having an unseen effect on these young children which was seriously disgruntling. None of them spoke to each other. With eyes glued to the screens of their iPad, this familiar bus ride was suddenly so very different to my experience of yelling, gossiping, singing and genuinely enjoying each others company. Although technology and more specifically social media has done some seriously amazing things to the world and continues to everyday, I would like to research whether or not the benefits of social media are worth the distractions younger generations feel when undertaking school work, uni work, working on relationships and entering the work force. Do younger generations know how to work as hard as older generations who did not grow up with such easily accessible information and distractions like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr at the click of a button?.


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